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The artwork creates a visual document of thoughts and feelings where they can be explored with the help of the therapist. Illawarra Therapies focuses on positive psychology, mindfulness and behaviour modification techniques to help clients overcome barriers to live life with meaning and positive energy.

Illawarra Mobile Art Therapy works with clients in their own homes, where they are most comfortable. We are able to facilitate sessions using funding from NDIS plans as well as Commonwealth funded Home Care packages. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Meet our Art Therapy Specialist

Mark McGuire

Mark McGuire is an art therapist with over twenty-fives years of expertise working with children with a range of disabilities. His career change from school leadership into spiritual care and art therapy came about as three of his six children are on the Autism Spectrum. He partners with NDIS providers to ensure that all clients receive the best help that they can, all at a reasonable cost. He also has two years of expertise working with older people with a range of needs, including dementia.

Mark’s Experiences

• Lead Art therapist for Illawarra Mobile Art Therapies
• Classroom teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal in NSW Public School (specialist in art and teaching children with disabilities)
• Chaplain, focussing on helping the elderly and their families and carers (supporting people suffering from dementia and isolation and assisting them to age meaningfully and well)
• Jewellery designer for Celestial Fine Jewels
• Volunteer consultant for families navigating the complexities of NDIS. Assisting them to write participant plans, goals and maximise outcomes for NDIS participants

Mark’s Formal Credentials

Diploma of Art Therapy
Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Ministries
Diploma of Gemmology

“The wonderful part of art therapy is that you can express your thoughts and feelings without having to find words. I facilitate sessions with clients using lots of materials that include modelling play dough, paints, pencils and textas. I help people to navigate life and to also focus on the positives using solutions-based therapy, mindfulness and self-compassion. I understand what it is like to feel anxious and the feelings of being different from those who are around you. Illawarra Mobile Art Therapy is a practice that is here to help our clients to overcome barriers and to grow and change into better versions of themselves.”

– Mark McGuire


What do you do in Art Therapy?

Once set up in a private space (this can be outside under a shady tree or at the kitchen table – the choice is up to the client) the therapist will lead some breathing and mindfulness exercises. Once centred, there will be a warm-up artistic exercise. From there, a deeper art exercise will begin and there will mainly be silence. From time to time it may be broken for a discussion where the client can express thoughts, feelings and emotions. Once complete, the session will continue with the client leading the discussion. The art therapy session will always end with a positive note and affirmation of encouragement to continue the process of healing until the next session.

Illawarra Mobile Art Therapy allows for both 60 and 90 minute sessions. All art resources are included in the one price and an apron will be provided at the beginning of the session. We travel to your home or work-place and we strive to provide the highest quality of service for the most reasonable price to our clients.

How can Art Therapy help me?

Art therapy is helpful to anyone. It can help people who have anxiety, depression, stress or are overwhelmed in their circumstances such as divorce, a death, sickness or difficulty in their relationships.

Art therapy is especially helpful for people with disabilities or dementia as often these people may have trouble articulating their thoughts and feelings.

Can someone who is not artistic benefit from art therapy?

Art therapy is not just for people who are artistic. Importantly, we focus on the process and the message within the artwork, as opposed to the product made in the sessions. Our process of making the art is the most important and it will provide insight into our emotions, ways of thinking and our behaviours. True transformation occurs when we remove all judgement and allow ourselves to look inward and listen to the message of our own quiet heart.

Fees and inclusions

All fees include the travel time, travel costs and the use of quality art supplies that will be applied in your sessions (20 minute radius from Dapto NSW, travel outside of this area is by direct quote). While the supplies used are not food, all art supplies are non-toxic and in the event of consumption are deemed safe. An apron will be supplied however it is always best to wear comfortable clothes that you won’t mind if they get messy.

Invoicing Policy: Invoices will be emailed to you after the session. If you require a paper copy please let us know. A 60 minute session is $150.00.

Cancellation Policy: We are committed to providing holistic and individualised care. Our work with our clients is likely to involve significant collaboration with others. Our therapist will read and prepare materials prior to our session with you. We may make a trip to the shops to buy specific resources and materials to support our work with you. For every hour of face-to-face work, there is about double in “behind the scenes” work, which therapists cannot claim. Our service does not receive any external funding at this time and therefore we are reliant on client attendance for the long-term sustainability of our service.

As such, we ask for at least 48 hours notice of a change to appointments. We understand that sometimes this is not possible due to unpredictable events. Where less than 48 hours’ notice is provided, half (50%) of the total session fee will be invoiced. Where a session is missed without notice the full scheduled fee will be invoiced.

SMS Reminders are sent 48 hours prior to an appointment, allowing opportunity to speak with us.

NDIS Payments: If you are Self-Managed or Plan-Managed by a Local Area Coordinator you can access our services. We are not a registered NDIS provider. This means that if you currently have NDIS funding managed by the NDIA you will be unable to use these funds for our therapy. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Fee Payments: We accept cash, cheques and bank deposit payments. We ask that all payments be made within ten (10) calendar days. Payments not made within fourteen (14) calendar days of invoice date may accrue a late fee. Clients are provided with receipt of payment regardless of how they choose to settle the account.

NDIS Goals, Progress Notes and Reports
All NDIS funded clients will have therapy goals created in relation to their NDIS goals in light of their current circumstances and needs. Our therapists make notes based on the progress towards these goals. Illawarra Mobile Art Therapy is able to provide letters of support and reports of progress in relation to personalised NDIS goals.

Importantly as we don’t manage the budgets of our clients, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that there are sufficient monies in the plan budget to cover the costs of our services prior to making and confirming all bookings.

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