About the service

Remedial massage is a complimentary therapy that is used to locate and repair damaged areas of the body and speed up the body’s own healing processes. The pressure applied in this healing treatment can either be strong and deep or gentle and shallow, depending on the problem.

Illawarra Mobile Massage works with clients in their own homes, where they are most comfortable. We are able to facilitate sessions using funding from NDIS plans as well as Commonwealth funded Home Care packages. Contact us if you have any questions.

Meet our Lead Massage Specialist

Katy McGuire

Katy McGuire is a massage therapist who began after her son was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. Learning that massage would help his condition she completed her qualifications with Evolve College and received further training by an osteopath. Katy is a dedicated therapist who specializes in helping people with mobility problems and chronic pain.

Katy’s Experiences

• Lead Massage Therapist for Illawarra Mobile Art Therapies
• Massage Therapist, Necessity Health in Dapto
• Teacher’s Aide, NSW Department of Education

Katy’s Formal Credentials

Diploma of Remedial Massage
Bachelor of Ministries


What happens in a massage session?

Once set up in a quiet space the therapist will get a detailed health history and assess your current level of flexibility and if there should be an area of focus. You will be asked to lay on the table in your underwear and towels are draped over your body for warmth and privacy. The therapist has a small step ladder to help you get on and off the table if required. Your body will be covered with clean towels during the massage and your privacy is always respected.

At the end of the massage you will need to get up slowly and carefully as you may feel dizzy if you move too quickly.

Illawarra Mobile Massage allows for both 30 and 60 minute sessions. We travel to your home or work-place and we strive to provide the highest quality of service for the most reasonable price to our clients. We use the highest quality of fractioned coconut oil for the massage and we also have the option to use doTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance the massage experience for a small fee.

How can massage help me?

Remedial massage is helpful to anyone. It can help people who have pain, mobility problems, depression, stress or are overwhelmed in their circumstances. Massage also helps people to sleep more soundly and also helps to give a sense of calm.

Fees and inclusions

All fees include the travel time (up to 30 minutes for a one hour massage), travel costs, clean linens and towels and the use of quality organic oils that will be used in your sessions . We also have the added option to use essential oils in the massage that can assist greatly with a sense of well-being.

Invoicing Policy: Invoices will be emailed to you after the session. If you require a paper copy please let us know. A 60 minute massage is $110 and we have a range of additional massage, such as foot, hand and a 30 minute session also available. Please contact us for a schedule of fees.

Cancellation Policy: We are committed to providing holistic and individualised care. As such, we ask for at least 48 hours’ notice of a change to appointments. We understand that sometimes this is not possible due to unpredictable events. Where less than 48 hours’ notice is provided, half (50%) of the total session fee will be invoiced. Where a session is missed without notice the full scheduled fee will be invoiced.

Home Care Packages and NDIS: We can be utilized under the Commonwealth Government’s Home Care Packages. Please ask your provider to give us a call so that we can set up an account with them and then plan your appointments.

NDIS Payments: If you are Self-Managed or Plan-Managed by a Local Area Coordinator you can access our services. We are not a registered NDIS provider. This means that if you currently have NDIS funding managed by the NDIA you will be unable to use these funds for our therapy. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Fee Payments: We accept cash, cheques and bank deposit payments. We ask that all payments be made within ten (10) calendar days. Payments not made within fourteen (14) calendar days of invoice date may accrue a late fee. Clients are provided with receipt of payment regardless of how they choose to settle the account.

NDIS Goals, Progress Notes and Reports
All NDIS funded clients will have therapy goals created in relation to their NDIS goals in light of their current circumstances and needs. Our therapists make notes based on the progress towards these goals. Illawarra Mobile Art Therapy is able to provide letters of support and reports of progress in relation to personalised NDIS goals.

Importantly as we don’t manage the budgets of our clients, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that there are sufficient monies in the plan budget to cover the costs of our services prior to making and confirming all bookings.

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